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ANN: ReportBuilder 10.04 is now available for Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6!

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Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 10.04!

ReportBuilder 10.04 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005,
Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

Overview & screenshots:

New Feature List:


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Enhancements for Version 10.04

- Added TeeChart 7.08 support for Delphi 2006.
- Enhanced printing duplexed copies, a new print job will be created for
each copy
- Enhanced Email error handling capabilities.
- Added OnMailMerge event to update mail-merged richtext at runtime.

Fixes for Version 10.04

- When add a custom page to the designer, the tab change events were not
firing for the custom pages.
- Multi-selection, setting a property from a popup menu only updates the
first component.
- Fix for case in which an AV can sometimes can occur when the selection
object is freed.
- DisplayFormat property editor did not support typing directly into the
property box.
- Report | Landscape (and Portrait) menu options were not working properly
- An AV stometimes occured in D2005 when a component inside a Region is
- RichText Editor, fixed design-time AV for D2006 Update2 when opening the

- Rotated Text, fix for DBText Autosize when rotated and right or center
- Fix for case in which a TppVariable is of type dtString and its OnCalc
is used to set other TppVariable.Value's.
- RichText, mail merge did use the currently registered TppDisplayFormat
- Fixed issue where shapes were filling with a black background color if a
brush pattern was used.

- When PrinterName is longer than 80 characters,
TppPrinter.ShowSetupDialog resulted in an error.
- when zoom setting is zsWholePage, the viewer sometimes displays a
vertical scrollbar
- Fixed DrawImage so that white background is not displayed when image
does not fill up the control.
- Screen device was not being disconnected when report was expored to a
file before being emailed.

- When TitleBand.NewPage is true and Visible is false, group header not
generating correctly.
- TppVariable fix for case in which DataType is string and orphaned group
appeared on the previous page.
- Fix for image draw command naming used by HTML and PDF export
- Modified OnCancel event to fire after engine has stopped and to fire
when viewer is used.

----> Professional <----------

- NexusDB, corrected demo to work with optimized report explorer
- Directo Oracle Access (DOA), corrected demo to work with optimized
report explorer
- dbExpress, added support for additional database types: MS SQL Server,
Sybase ASA, Sybase ASE
- MS Access, added SESSION and MODULE to MS Access reserved words list.

- When merging datamodule's the datapipeline username may need to be
updated to ensure uniqueness.

----> Enterprise <----------

- Returning to the Calc tab, the ListView is not always activated properly
- Loading a template and calling ShowModal repeatedly can sometimes AV in

----> Server <----------

- Modified to delete prior content unless request is incremental

- Fix for WebTier.Inisettings when using wildcards such as
($Application)\rbWebTier.ini for the file name.

Enhancements for Version 10.03

- support for TeeChart 7.07 (Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7)
- Added ShowCancelDialog property to the Report Email Settings.


- Enhanced Object Inspector to support Parameters Editor
- Enhanced Object Inspector to support Variant properties
- Enhanced RAP Editor to prevent cursor from being positioned in the
protected, grey, area.

Fixes for Version 10.03


- Modified to notify design modules of a close, prior to asking user
whether to save changes.
- Statusbar was not getting updated immediately when Language changes
- Modified timing of when a design module gets set to active - now occurs
after tab changed
- ReportTreeWindow was not always rebuilding the report tree when a report
template is loaded.
- Modified merge menu feature so that original menu items are not deleted
when performing a merge.
- Turned off auto completion for FontSize combobox
- When copy/paste a region, the child controls need to maintain relative
- when using Ctrl + mouse drag to select objects in a region, do not select
the region

- Themes: Fixed exceptions that can occur when using reports in a dll and
the app is closed.
- Modifying the UserName property did not set report.modified to True.

- Preview: When OutlineSettings.Enabled is true and Visible is false, need
to enable the popup menu.
- Preview: modified to enable report generation to be cancelled.
- PDF: Fixed memory leak
- PDF: Fixes spacing issues with a German Umlaut and fixed pitch fonts.
- Border weight was not being honored by the output screen and printer
- Shapes: Reverted back to the original way shapes were drawn (i.e. using
TCanvas.Rectangle) due to some shape to shape alignment issues.

----> Professional <----------


- ReportExplorer: some toolbar hints contained an accelator char (&)
- ReportExplorer: File, View, Help items needed GroupIndex initialization
- ReportExplorer: Setting form properties via code, could sometimes cause
an AV.


- Fixed issue where DataView position and size was not being restored when
a report was loaded

----> Enterprise <----------


- Calc Dialog: Pressing the enter key resulted in dialog closing, rather
than a line feed in the editor.
- Small language support fix for the case in which the Calc workspace has
not been activated and the language is changed.

----> Server <----------

- ClientReportExplorer sometimes tried to connect to server at Delphi

Enhancements for Version 10.02


- new TppDesignerWindow.MenuDock property (can be used to move menu to a
parent form)
- added ShowComponents support for PageBreak and 2dBarCode components
- modified Paste so that it does not apply an offset when pasting to a
different report


- improved generation of linking SQL (i.e. magic sql) to work for more
complex cases

Fixes for Version 10.02


- Changing Language did not update the interface immediately, a shut down
was required
- Menu short cuts did not work for international installations
- ShowComponents feature was not working
- Closing Designer from the Preview workspace, did not support close query
(i.e. ask user to save changes)
- Importing a template file, did not support close query (for end-user
- Snap to grid support for sizing controls is sometimes one pixel off
- align toolbar options for Space Horizontally and Space Vertically did not
work properly
- align top sometimes changes the z-order of the components
- Closing designer while subreport selected and then loading a new report,
did not update workspace correctly


- An AV can sometimes occur when a DBPipeline is destroyed and FreeBookmark
is called
- Added support for Delphi 2006 TWideMemoField datatype
- Fixed an issue with storing a template to an "ntext" field in SQL Server
for Delphi D2006


- Fixed 2DBarCode PDF417 encoding for sequence of digits longer than 13.
- Fixed 2DBarCode sizing calculations so that screen display and printing
- Updated Checkbox BDS IDE registration to work properly (must disable on
demand loading).


- Printer defaults for properties other than PrinterSetup (such as Quality)
were not always used
- Cancel button was disabled when the viewer was busy calculating the first
pass of a report
- Fix for case in which autosearch defaults to an empty report
- When detail is zero height, the preview workspace does not get activated
- When report is two pass, sometimes switching back to calc or design
causes an AV

- Updated internal event notification related to freeing bookmarks when a
datapipeline is closed.

----> Professional <----------


- Query Designer 'Edit SQL as Text' feature was not working properly
- When visual data link deleted, the underlying field links were not always


- Fixed issues with IBExpress demo
- Fixed ReportExplorer MergeMenu to work with new MenuBar class
- Added Menubar and Toolbar properties to the ReportExplorerForm class

----> Enterprise <----------


- Fixed Rap Interface Option hiding the Calc tab (riNotebookTab)
- RAP Editor was incorrectly highlighting "//" as a comment (RAP compiler
does not support this)
- Fixed issued related to switching from a subreport Calc workspace to
Preview, and then to Design

Enhancements for Version 10.01 - 2/24/2006

Designer Enhancements
- Added Theme support for Designer Notebook Tabs
- Save/Restore Design selection when switch tabs
- Added snap to grid support for sizing a control

RCL Enhancements
- PrintHumanReadable property added to the 2DBarCode component

String Translator Application
- updated for RB 10 strings

Fixes for Version 10.01 - 2/24/2006


- edit toolbar now supports multi-selection (edit box, combo boxes).
- ToolWindows now restore docked width
- Sort field alias list that is displayed in the edit toolbar
- Sort field alias list that is displayed in the report wizard
- Edit toolbar combo boxes now support auto completion (i.e. Pipeline list,
Field list).
- Format toolbar buttons for center and right justify were switched
- Improved Design Preview exception handling (exceptions that occur during
report generation)
- When switching to subreport tabs in the designer, sometimes an AV occurs
- Fixed registration of rbIDE resource file used for international language
- TppDesigner.OnTabChange event passed incorrect NewTab value
- When using XPMan the spin controls did not look quite correct
- Designer.MergeMenu did not properly clone Separator items
- Past undo support was not working correctly
- Group Header/footer menu does not display group dialog
- Snap to grid for y pos is only accurate for the header band
- Grid options Size does not immediately change the workspace
- rulers do not always stay in sync - when scrollable area changes
- when workspace gets focus, it incorrectly auto scrolls to the top


- Renamed Toolbar resource file to ensure uniqueness
- TmyCheckbox .dcu files were not installed correctly
- 2DBarCode fix for PDF417 encoding in which Data contains a sequence of
more than 13 digits
- 2DBarCode BarWidth and BarHeight changes are rendered correctly


- Fixed issue where shapes were filling with a black background color if a
brush pattern was used.


- Fixed issue where Right aligned text was being cut off when not autosized
in PDF.

----> Professional <----------


- When using PostgreSQL database type, modified to use the AS operator for
field aliasing
- Fix for case in which a query contains a field with the same name from
two tables and both are used for autosearch.


- Advantage EndUser example update
- Modified Dynamic Load Subreport demo to suppress report explorer locate
record event while loading the subreport template.

----> Enterprise <----------


- RAP calc dialog was not initialized properly
- Renamed RAP Editor resource file

Enhancements for Version 10.0 - 2/9/2006

- Delphi 2006 support

Designer Enhancements
- new internal architecture - extensive rewrite
- new XP style toolbars (supports themes)
- new XP style menus (support themes)
- new XP style popup menu (supports themes)
- new XP style tabbed notebook
- new XP style dockable tool windows
- new XP style icons
- enhanced Object Inspector to support multi-selection
- enhanced popup menus to support multi-selection
- new RAP Code Editor**

Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements
- new 2D BarCode component: PDF417 and MaxiCode
- support for TeeChart 7.06 (Delphi 2006, Delphi 2005, Delphi 7)

Report Output Enhancements
- XP style Previewer
- new built-in Email capability w/plug-in architecture including Outlook,
MAPI, Indy plug-ins
- enhanced PDFDevice architecture to support registering "Renderer" classes
for each DrawCommand class

Report Explorer Enhancements*
- new XP style toolbars, menus, popup menus, icons
- optimized performance (new ItemTemplatePipeline property)
- enhanced to support Report Designer MRU (most recently used) Items

Visual Data Access Enhancements*
- new XP style tabs, toolbars, tool windows, menus, popup menus, icons
- enhanced scrollable work space
- new stored procedure custom DataView example (RBuilder\Demos\EndUser
Databases\SQL Server\ADO\Stored Procedures)

RAP Enhancements**
- new XP style tabs, menus, popup menus, icons
- new professional style RAP code editor

Server Enhancements***
- XP style Client Report Explorer
- optimized Client Report Explorer performance (new
ReportExplorerVolume.ItemTemplatePipeline property)

*ReportBuilder Profession and Enterprise Editions
**ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition
***ReportBuilder Server Edition

Fixes for Version 10.0 - 2/9/2006

- Subreport destroy bug fix.
- MDI destroy bug fix.

- Rotated text was not aligned correctly when text is assigned via the
component OnGetText event.
- Images loaded via code were not exported to PDF/XHTML because the
internal image name was not updated.
- Fixed case in which Anchor bottom (i.e. ShiftWithParent) is True and the
stretchable object uses 0 space.
- CheckBox Color property was not supported
- Barcode dialog was not getting free'd when it closes. (It was getting
freed when the app ends)

- Fixed PDF transparency issues with right and center aligned text.

----> Professional <----------


- dbExpress plug-in did not reset the internal client dataset when SQL is
modified (i.e. AutoSearch)
- Fix for SQLBuilder to better support adding a field by its name
(Description or SQLFieldName)
- Fix for TdaSQL to better support adding a Calc field to the SQL Order By

----> Enterprise <----------


- fix for case in which a report definition is loaded into a childreport
and some of the RAP event-handlers have to be removed (i.e.


Digital Metaphors


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    Digital Metaphors wrote:

    Is there a TeeChart 7.08? 7.07 is the latest I can find.
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    Steema has created a confusing situation - we have asked them to clear this
    up. Though the download page still says 7.07, the Delphi 2006 download link
    is for TeeChart 7.08. (note: this applies to Delphi 2006 only, all other
    downloads are still 7.07)

    We inquired about this prior to building RB 10.04. We were getting questions
    from developers about Delphi 2006 and TeeChart 7.08 comapatbility. Steeam
    replied that they made some changes to fix some Delphi 2006 specific issues.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Nard Moseley (Digital Metaphors) wrote:

    That is confusing. Thank you for clearing it up for me.

    David Farrell-Garcia
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