ANN: ReportBuilder 9.02 is now available for Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6!

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Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 9.02!

ReportBuilder 9.02 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2005, Delphi 7, and
Delphi 6.


New Feature Matrix:

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Version 9.02 - 03/17/2005

1. TeeChart
- Added TeeChart 7.04 support for Delphi 2005, Delphi 7

2. AutoSearch
- Added InList and Between operator support for searching on string values
that contain a comma

- Added support for PostgreSQL database type

Version 9.01 - 12/14/2004

1. File Devices
- Added streaming support so that PDF and other formats can be
generated directly to an output Stream that is assigned to the

2. Demos
- Added two PDF examples to the main reports demo

3. Online Help
- Added topics TppPDFDevice and TppPDFSettings

Version 9.0 - 11/19/2004

Designer Enhancements
. new Object Inspector
. new Undo/Redo support
. new Workspace grid and snap-to-grid support
. new Toolbar/ToolWindow architecture

Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements
. new Rotated Text support, added Angle property for text controls
. new Border property for all controls
. new Anchor property enables control to reposition itself when the layout
. new PageBreak component for advanced control over pagination
. enhanced RichText MailMerge to support display formats & multiple
. enhanced DBImage to support AutoSize
. enhanced RCL architecture supports registering popup menu and design
. new Report level events that enable parameter initialization and SQL

Report Output Enhancements
. new PDF export

Data Access Enhancements
. new Guid Field Type support
. new Guid Field Type data linking support

Report Engine Enhancements
. improved support for calculations performed in page footer
. improved support for detecting layouts which result in infinite page

DADE Enhancements*
. new Support for Guid Field Type Linking
. new SQLBuilder object for runtime sql manipulation

RAP Enhancements**
. new Report level events that enable parameter initialization and SQL
. new SQLBuilder class to dynamically modify sql

EndUser Guide Enhancements**
. new Learning to RAP Guide

* These features in ReportBuilder Professional and Enterprise only.
** These features in ReportBuilder Enterprise only.

Fixes for Version 9.02

1. Designer

- When Component.ParentHeight is True, the Band cannot be dragged upward.
- Nudge or Ctrl+arrow keys did not work correctly when region plus contents
- Show/Hide floating tool windows when application is
- LineThickness palette not being updated to reflect selected line.
- For DBText and DBCalc, the DisplayFormat dialog was not being initialized
with the current DisplayFormat value.
- DBCalc, the Calculations dialoge was not being initialized with the
current ResetGroup value.
- Fixed issue when the page orientation or column count was adjusted,
objects with a right anchor were still being deleted.
- Fix for stay on top behavior of floating tool windows.
- Fixed some memory leaks.
- Fixed undo support for RichText assignment.

2. PDFDevice

- Accented characters such as the german "?" character, were not exported
- Dynamically loaded images in a two pass report were not exporting
- An exception was thrown when exporting center or right aligned wrapped
- Exporting overlapping shapes (forming a grid) with set to
psClear was leaving a visible line in the PDF file.
- An AV occured for the case in which no valid printer is installed.
- The CheckBox component was not exporting correctly.
- Fixed issue in which the demo versions of RB threw an exception.
- Added support for custom drawcommands to be exported as an image.

3. Engine

- Fix for case in which PageBreak.Visible is toggled while report is
- Fixed case in which pbFixed and TraverseAllData are true and the
subreport overflows. The subreport was printing at the incorrect top
position on overflowing pages.
- An exception was thrown if crosstab is calculating and user switches to
data tab.
- When Band.Visible is False, the engine incorrectly raised an exception to
prevent infinite pages.
- Some customers experiences issues related to RichText generation,
primarily with Win9x.
- Fixes issue where an exception was thrown when mail merging and a null
record was encountered.
- The PageStyle.PageList was not processed correctly.
- Fixed some Av's that occured when no printer is installed.

4. Viewer

- Updated the text search feature in RB so that it will search through
rotated text correctly.

----> Professional <----------

5. EndUser Designer

- Using TppDesigner as an MDI form can result in an error "a component
named ReportOutline already exists".
- Fixed AV that occurs with Designer is compiled with the Delphi compiler
option for Stack Frames.
- Fix for MDI Designer case in which DataTree is not docked.

6. Dade

- Enhanced AutoSearch to support case in which a field appears twice in the
select list and is used to create two criteria.
- Dade Date criteria can encounter an issue when reports run from various
regional settings.

----> Enterprise <----------

7. RAP

- Updated RAP RTTI for the TStringList class to support
TStringList.Duplicates, TStringList.CaseSensitive props.

Fixes for Version 9.01

1. Designer

- Some users experienced stack faults and slow performance
- Undo support when a Region and its contents are selected

2. PDFDevice

- Fixed issues related to regional settings that use a ','
as the decimal separator
- Fixed issue related to handling wmf images

3. Engine

- Fixed case for reports have an invisible detail band. The new
logic that checks for infinite page generation conditions, erroneously
raised an exception.

----> Professional <----------

4. EndUser Designer

- Using the TppDesigner.ShowComponents feature resulted in an AV

5. ReportExplorer

- When empty and the Save dialog can encounter a list index out of bounds
error when saving the first item.
- when an empty folder is selected the enable item options logic did not
This could result in items not being enabled and disabled properly.

6. TdaSQL

- Searching on the string 'Select ' was mistaken for a sub-select

----> Enterprise <----------

5. RAP

- OnPageRequest RTTI was not defined


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