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RBServer invalid property value

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I have reports from RBuilder 9.02 saved in a database.

I am trialling RBServer and when running one of the demo client/server
programs, printing an existing report generates the error:
Error reading pReport.OnGetAutoSearchValues: Invalid property value.

The report has one table, two fields, no search parameters.

How are reports designed with the RBServer version? The demo client had
no design option when opening (right-clicking) a report. Do I have to
use a 'normal' RBuilder connection (i.e. direct connection to the database?)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Please configure your newsreader to post using your full name, rather than
    AJ. And no need to post the same question twice :)

    RB Server Edition installs both RB Enterprise and RB Server. You use RB
    Enterprise to create and modify reports. (If you need a remote connection
    you can use DataSnap). RB Server enables reports to be previewed by remote
    clients and web browsers.

    The message 'Error reading pReport.OnGetAutoSearchValues: Invalid property
    value' indicates that the report being loaded by the server contains an
    event-handler reference that cannot be resolved. When you originally created
    and saved the report you had a Delphi code event-handler assigned to the
    Report.OnGetAutoSearchValues event. When the report is saved, the VCL
    streaming system saves the same of the method as the property value. When
    the report loads, the VCL streaming system attempts to resolve the name. The
    solution is to either load the report in the designer and resave it without
    the event-handler reference or add the event-handler as a published method
    of the DataModule containing the ReportVolume. There are examples of this in
    the RB Server Developers Guild installed with the product.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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