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Edit uneditable area?

I've inherited a Delphi 2010 project with a lot of ReportBuilder reports (verison 15.05 build 275) and mostly I'm able to change things, but one of the reports contains fields over some sort of template where all the parts except the DB fields are grayed out.

I need to change those fields and I can't figure out where they are! I've looked in all the properties that I can find but most of them seem to be output options. TemplateFile seems a likely candidate, but it's empty. I've taken a screenshot of the form after deleting everything I can off it.

How do I change it?



  • Huh. The image didn't come out. Let me try a different approach...OK, that seems to work. I guess we're not fans of imgBB? Spammers use it, maybe?

  • Phew. OK, I found it.

    I was clicking on the bottom tabs in the DESIGNER, which has the bands on that LAYER.

    I needed to be clicking on the bottom tabs in the REPORT TREE window, which allows you to select the layer.
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