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ReportBuilder Version for Delphi 5

Hi, I have a bit of a problem with a project I took over.
It is developed in Delphi 5 with a lot of 3rd party components and therefore can't easily upgrade/update it to a more recent Delphi version. For the moment I am stuck with Delphi 5.
It looks like the project used ReportBuilder Enterprise edition by the time. I just received the source code with all the additional 3rd party libraries but the ReportBuilder edition is missing. So I can't successfully compile the project...
When I check all the ReportBuilder editions they all support up to Delphi 7 but not lower.
Do you have a an old or special Enterprise edition I can purchase from you which will still support Delphi 5 so I can finalise the project?


  • Hi Niels,

    A license to RB 19.02 includes the ability to download and use the last produced version for legacy Delphi such as D5. However we cannot provide tech support, fixes, etc. for the old versions.

    I highly recommend using the latest Delphi and ReportBuilder.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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