ASTA 3.1 Compatibility


I've working with ASTA since 2001, I've a lot of projects with this technology.

They have it own connector named "dadtqAsta" on his website, however I can made it work with your latest version.

When try to compile gave me the next error:

[Error] dadtqAsta.pas(109): Undeclared identifier: 'TppComponentList'

Can you please point me in the right direction??


  • Hi Alejandro,

    The architecture has been simplified, TppComponentList is no longer used.

    For an example, checkout the Advantage plug-in, installed to Public Documents\Delphi x\Demos\EndUser Databases\Advantage\Native\daADS.pas.

    Update the ASTA plug-in to reflect that one.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hello

    I almost complete the update to ASTA plug in for latest ReportBuilder Version however I have a bug and I need your help.

    Check the next video

    You will see something is wrong when I switch on your different ReportBuider IDE tabs, I debug my application and the error raise once the "destructor TdaQueryDataView.Destroy;" execute.

    destructor TdaAstaQueryDataView.Destroy;

    inherited destroy; <-------------------- when I debug here's the error

    Please help me, I will give you the updated plugin as I did with TMS daRemoteDB.

  • Once entered in design mode I can switch between the first 3 tabs: Data, Calc and -Design without any problem.

    But If I enter in the preview tab then once exit gaves me the error.

    If never enter the preview dialog when close the ReportBuilder IDE also gaves me the error.

    In conclusion is when TdaQueryDataView destructor executes the "inherited"
  • The video I moved here please take a look
  • edited June 2020
    Hi alejandrux

    any news for the porting the Asta plugin for ReportBuilder? I have a very old project developed in Delphi 7 and cannot porting it's in more recent versions of Delphi. In this project I need to generate the PDF/A2 and for this I installed the last version of RB (20.03). The problem is that daAsta.pas that is not compatible with the new version (before I used the RB version 11.08 ).

    If you managed to convert the unit and could make it available I would be very grateful.

    Thank you very much and best regards

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