Repeated groups in a subreport

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I'm having a weird problem with groups in a sales invoice report format:

This company has products with two currencies, local and foreign, in the documents (for legal reasons) the foreign prices must be printed along with its equivalent in the local currency, for a clear presentation I want to split the items in the sales invoice into two or more groups (assuming it could be more than two currencies in the future).

I did set items groups according to the currency name, which it works... but repeating the groups many times instead of just two. Seems to me like ReportBuilder is grouping items according to its relative, this is: in a list of 15 items if only the first 5 and the last 5 have foreign currency will be display in two different groups, with local currency items in the middle (so theoretically speaking if there will be an invoice with foreign currency items in the odd rows and local currency items in the pair rows it will display them in ten groups instead of just two for both currencies).

I tried changing the field group to the ID currency instead of the name currency with the same result.

I'm using ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition Version 11.06 (inside a management software package with no access to its source code).
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