Problem with the width-size of bold fonts in a memo

Hello there,
we are having a problem with the width-size of a font in a memo; RBuilder appears to ignore the font properties in calculation of the width, in particular the bold weight; therefore there is a visible difference between bold and normal text items with our font.
Do you know of any fix to make our reports print correctly in these cases?
We are using these versions (the problem exists on both):
RB 20.02 build 67
RB 17.02 build 149
To reproduce the problem just add a memo with the width size equal to the size of the plain text using Calibri Light; then make sure that bold is set and you will see that some text will overflow the memo border.
Then I activate the bold property and you will see that the word “libero”, which you can find by the rightmost edge of the normal text has been cut in the bold version.
Previewing while having a border will show the overflow(Preview zoom setted on 100%):
Text used to replicate:
fringilla. Nullam sed nunc feugiat libero maximus faucibus vitae sit amet nibh. Phasellus eget nulla ac libero tincidunt ornare.
Font: Calibri Light
Font-Size: 9;
Memo-Width: 141,817 (Units utMillimeters).
Screensize if needed: 1920x1080



  • Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for providing the example. I researched it and created a patch for RB 20.03 that improves the font scaling so the text does not exceed the bounds width. I emailed the patch to you.

    RB developers with an active license can send serial number and registration info to support@ and request the patch.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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