Performance issues using alternative DB RichText control (TRichView)


I thought there may be experience with using TRichView regarding performance on here and I am raising the issue with them as well.

I have a report that shows an RTF field and may well lead to producing hundreds of pages as it can span many records. Now the standard RB control does not support images so we added the richview control into RB and used that. If I test the report with the original RB control for rich text and the control from richview the RB control knocks it out the park and richview is rather slow. The actual RTF I'm using it is just Lorum Ipsum text with no graphics or pasted word documents.

Standard RB takes 6 seconds to produce 82 pages
RichView takes 46 seconds to produce 82 pages

Again, I realise this is a 3rd party tool I'm using, but was wondering if anyone had found the same issue and resolved it?


Delphi RIO 10.3
RB 19.03
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