Can report builder work with Avery 5436 (4 x 6)

Greetings All,

Is report builder capable of using the Avery 5436 Multipurpose Labels which has (5) 1" x 3" labels on a 4"x6" page? If so, how?



  • Hi Mike,

    Although Avery 5436 is not current built-in to our Label Printing Wizard, it is possible to print virtually any label using ReportBuilder.

    1. Manually: You can manually define the label's dimensions/page size as needed using the Margins, Columns, and page size properties of the PrinterSetup or by using the File | Page Setup dialog in the designer.

    For Avery 5436 you will want to use the following values (in inches)

    - Create a new report with a detail band only.

    PrinterSetup.MarginTop := 0.5;
    PrinterSetup.MarginLeft := 0.59;
    PrinterSetup.MarginBottom := 0.42;
    PrinterSetup.MarginRight := 0.31;

    PrinterSetup.PaperHeight := 6;
    PrinterSetup.PaperWidth := 4;

    2. ReportBuilder contains numerous pre-defined Avery label templates. It is possible to add a new definition to the ppAvStd.pas file. (I will add this for the next release).

    'Print or Write Multi-Use,5436,3,1,4,6,0.5,0.42,0.59,0.31,0,0,1,0'

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thanks Nico,
    If I want to do option 2 now and add that line to the source file, how to I compile it where it shows. Do I need to open and update a package?
  • Hi Mike,

    If you are building with runtime packages or would like to see this addition at Delphi design-time, you will need to at a minimum rebuild the rbIDE package. This may also require rebuilding the rbRTL and rbRCL packages as well.

    For design-time, the dclRB package will need to be rebuilt and installed into the IDE.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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