Set CrossTab Row dimension using procedure in RB designer

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[RB Ent Edition, v9.02]
I have a client using a simple report design that includes a CrossTab.
There are only two dimensions used (one for column and one for row)

They would like to print a the report using one of three different
subtotal categories (i.e.: Col:'Plan', Row: ('Activity', Assembly', or
'CostCode'), but instead of having three different reports they want to
select the row dimentsion at run time. How can we set the row
dimension dynamically based upon the user selection?

getting the user input is easy enough, I just need know where and how
to set the row dimension in RB designer.

- Dustin T Waling


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    Hi Dustin,

    You can use the various crosstab events such as OnGetDimensionValue and
    OnGetCaptionText to alter the element values at runtime. Take a look at
    the crosstab demo included with ReportBuilder for some examples of this.
    I also suggest taking a look at the help topic for TppElement. This
    gives a useful diagram of the different pieces of a Crosstab.

    Moving forward, we hope you will consider up grading to the latest
    version of ReportBuilder. We have added hundreds of new features and
    enhancements since RB 9 including the TableGrid component which is a
    very versatile "wysiwyg" table creator for reports.'s_New

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thank you for the suggestions, I had been looking at the CrossTab
    Events, but there quite a few and I only recently started using them
    with any regularity. I think the help topic and review of some of the
    diagram will dispell some of my fuzziness on the topic.

    Regarding the upgrade, our dev team has quite a long list of items
    waiting to get into a sprint. However, since I work on the BI and
    reporting side of things AND I help with the report services we provide
    our clients, you can bet I will be pushing to get the upgrade sooner
    rather than later!

    Thank you, I appreciate your time,

    -Dustin T Waling

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