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Until now our german company was using RB 11.08 professional, but now we
are trying to upgrade to RB 14.07. I am a little bit confused about the
international support deployment issue though.

In the version 11.xx we did not need to install any addtional dlls no
other files directly to windows\system directory. As far as I understand
the instruction on the issue with RB 14.07, we would need to place some
files there, even if just one single language within RB is required, the
german one.

What if the user who will be installing our application won't have a
writing access to the windows\system directory? Will the complete
installation fail just because of the RB localization files?
Is there any option to avoid this installation, for instance through
changing the source code?

BTW I installed the RB 14.07 several times and I was never asked which
languages should be installed an which one were to be set as the default
one, as described in Your wiki.

Thanks a lot for Your help!

Kind regards

Leo Kaploun


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    Hi Leo,

    The international language support has not changed. The only reason you
    would need to deploy a separate language .dll would be if you plan to
    support multiple languages in a single application.

    When you install RB the 4th or 5th dialog is the "Select Features"
    section. Be sure to select International Language Support from the
    list. When you do, you will be brought to another dialog where you can
    select your default language as well as other languages you would like

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    Thanks for your reply and the explanation.

    Unfortunately I am still missing any (not only the language) option
    during the installation.
    I have made screenshots of any installation step an could send them to
    you via Email.

    My setup file is rbent16.exe, the enterprise edition.

    Briefly, I see following screens during the installation:
    - "Collecting information". The only clickable item here is the "cancel"
    - "Preparing installation". The only clickable item here is the "cancel"
    - "Installing". The only clickable item here is the "cancel" button
    until the installation is done. Then two more options are shown: "view
    release notes" and "run delphi XE2 now". The "Cancel" buttons turns into
    - On "Finish" click the wizard closes.

    Is there any way to change the default language after the RB installation?

    Thanks and kind regards

    Leo Kaploun

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    Hi Nico,

    I managed it myself in following manner:
    I opened the *.DEU files as DLL, extracted the german string resources
    and saved them as RES files, which I then copied into my RB\Source

    Kind regards

    Leo Kaploun

    Am 01.03.2013 09:44, schrieb Leo Kaploun:
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