Stretching group header with sub-routine

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? Hi,

I have a single query which joins two tables in a 1:many relationship
(say A and B), which is in use in an

existing report such that the '1' part (records from A) is grouped and
summarised in a header, and the many (B)

forms the detail band. Very straightforward, a single pipeline.

To this I needed to add supplementary information to table A - this
information exists in another table (C) with

another 1:many relationship with A (it is inappropriate to represent
this in a single query).

Given the A/B data set is in pipeline1, I have created an additional
dataset in pipeline2, where

pipeline2.MasterDataPipeline is pipeline1, with fields appropriately
linked (in essense A.Key <-> C.Key).

Because C contains 0..many records, I really needed a Detail band. So I
have created a subreport linked to

pipeline2, in which the C.Fields can be shown, together with formatting.

The area of use of this, because it is supplementary information to the
grouped header, should be within the

Grouped header (if put in the detail band it competes with A/B.Fields
anyway). The data all retrieves and

displays fine, however I have two issues:
1) The group header does not expand as the subreport rows increase (this
means it overwrites the A/B detail

2) If I extend the height of the group header, to accomodate
a 'sensible' number of rows, then where there are

no rows I have a big white space (this is really the same as 1), because
I cannot find an expansions capability.

I hope this makes sense. Does anybody know a good approach to dealing
with this?

(I looked at nested subreports within the detail band, same as rbMDD
tutorial, but there is no relationship

between B and C, except indirectly, and the most nested subreport won't
display if it's immediate subreport

parent has no data).

Many thanks

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    Hi Keith,

    Try setting the PrintHeight of the group header band to phDynamic. This
    will allow the band to grow as the stretchable components within grow.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Keith,

    If you would like to keep using non-stretchable components such as
    labels, you can place then inside a TppRegion and set the region to
    ShiftRelativeTo the upper stretchable component.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    That's worked well, thanks.

    One thing I have noticed, I have labels (relating to the detail in the
    main report) beneath the subreport, but they don't seem to shift down
    oddly so as the subreport expands downwards they get overlayed.

    However, I have tried with a memo, with ShiftRelativeTo set to the
    subreport, and that moves just fine.

    Thanks again, and all the best.


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    ?Hi Nico,

    That's perfect, thanks very much!

    Best regards

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