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Not In/Not Like

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I am using the end-user Report Builder.
On the DataTab, I select the Search
I am selecting a field and trying to omit, or not select values that start
with a blank space

I looked at the RB Help which says:
soNotLike The field value must not begins with the search

I have tried just a space - and get no records,
I put quotes (single and double) around the space, and get all the records.

What I really want is to exclude data that has at least 1 question mark in
the value of that field that can appear anywhere in the value of that
field - so I need to know if there is a "wildcard" parameter for not in or
not like


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    Hi Diana,

    Are you using a registered version of ReportBuilder or another product
    with ReportBuilder built-in?

    The soLike or soNotLike options simply add the LIKE or NOT LIKE
    condition to the SQL statement that is sent to your DB. How this is
    handled is up to the DB itself. I suggest creating the SQL statement
    yourself manually and testing it with your DB before trying it with RB.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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