Odd dataset join / apostrophe problem

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We're using RB12.04 Ent, Delphi 2009 and we have an odd problem when a
datapipeline is joined to more than one other datapipeline and then
ordered by a field that contains apostrophes, umlauts or hyphens (and
probably other accented characters too). Data from the child
datapipelines sometimes gets omitted from the report, despite being
visible in the preview panel, for certain records that have these
characters in the sort field. I should make clear that the *join* is NOT
on this field, but is on a separate integer field.

It's not an easy problem to explain, but I've managed to reproduce it in
a small application. I have zipped it up and it's around 3MB. It
contains a SQL Express database, the source for my program and a report
builder rtm file to show the problem. I didn't want to send it without
checking it was OK with you first.

Please let me know how best to show you this problem.


Steve Branley


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