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RB12.05: EMF messed up when exporting to PDF

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I have installed RB12.05 today after having used 12.04 for some months
(Delphi XE)

Suddenly the EMF support for RB fails to work properly.

I used the following routine to create the EMF from a TeeChart and assign it
to ppImage1 (Class: TppImage):


Printing out directly to the printer via works fine as usual but exporting
the report to PDF messes up the above ppImage1 completely.
I used the following PDF settings:


I tried the following:

I exported the metafile to disk loaded it into ppImage1.picture at
designtime and tried to export it to PDF at runtime.
The EMF on disk looks perfect. The export with that ppImage1 to PDF still is
messed up.

Everything worked fine in RB 12.04!

Please help!



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    Sorry, I meant version 12.04 (professional)

    12.03 was OK
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    Hi Joachim,

    How is the chart "messed up"? If possible, please send me a copy of the
    metafile (or report with chart inside) so I can test here. Send the
    example in .zip format to

    There is a patch available that fixed some issues with TeeChart exports
    and it may fix the issue you are having.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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