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Terminal Server User Error launching report explorer : "Cannot release theme Aluminum"

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Delphi 2007 & rb12


only terminal server users have this error when they lauch their report
explorer :

"Cannot release theme Aluminum"

other users have no error

what king of security do i have to allow (registry, file, folder...) for
Terminal servers users ?


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    The TppDesginer.IniStorageType and IniStorageName can be used to configure
    the behavior of RBuilder.ini. For RB 12 the default location is
    ($LocalAppData)\RBuilder\RBuilder.ini which is the user's local app data
    folder. There is also an IniStorageType of IniNone that can used to prevent
    state info from being loaded/saved. If you are migrating an app created with
    an older RB version, it may have the old default location, which as
    Windows\System. Check the TppDesigner property values.

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