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Printing column without a record

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I need to create a report that has two columns per page from a dataset.
Each column is one record and each page must have two columns, even if
there is an odd number of records.

When there is an odd number of records, the last column should show the
static components (labels, lines ect).

For example, if there are three person records, page 1 would show 2
person records, page 2 would show the last record in the 1st column and
the 2nd column that would just show the labels without person information.

|Page 1 Header|
|Name 1|Name 2|

|Page 2 Header|
|Name 3|Name _|

Currently I have the layout set to 2 columns and I'm pulling the SQL
query data into a Client Dataset and adding a blank record if there is
an odd number of records to make it work.

Is there any built in functionality that I missed in ReportBuilder that
could be used instead of doing it this way?



ReportBuilder 18.02


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    Hi Jerry,

    One possible solution would be to use a PageLayer for the static report

    PageLayers can be added by right clicking the “Design Layers” entry of
    the Report Tree. Once this is done, you will notice a new tab at the
    bottom of the Report Tree to toggle between the main report design and
    the page layer.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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