Performance issue with rdp-session/terminal-server

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some of our customers report, that generating reports on a rdp-session
with a terminal-server (all Microsoft) requires much more time compared
to a direct connection.

-Software is started in local network, report requires less than a minute
- software is started on a terminal server in local-network, but
terminal server is accessed remotely from a other location, report
require upto 10 minutes to be generated

Any ideas?

We are using 18.0., in former time it was 5.56.

Tia Carsten


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    From my notes on this (think Nard posted this a while back):

    Its an Easy Print issue. You need to i) turn it off, and then ii)
    install the printer drivers for the remote printer on the Terminal
    Server, since Easy Print is no longer there to manage the printing
    process. We found this article useful for how to turn Easy Print off:

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    Sounds not so bad, but customers descriptions are getting more

    - report shall be previewed
    - on generating preview, sandclock is turning wildly
    - click on "print button" is possible, but no reaction
    - obviously no document is printed as it does not appear on printer
    instantly, but maybe after about 45 minutes printer starts working

    Any further ideas?

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    Hint: We altered the sources!Hint: We altered the sources!
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    Obviously perfomance is an issue the way the report is constructed.
    Sent an email to support@ ...

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    Hint: We altered the sources!Hint: We altered the sources!
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