Saving the MasterDataPipeline property

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Sorry if Im sounding a bit rookie on this one, but I'm having a rather
wierd problem.

When saving and closing my project ( an app being updated from
v12.05,Delphi6 to v18,DelphiXE5) the TppDBPipeLine.MasterDataPipeLine
property simply shows up blank the next time I open it.

This is giving me a reasonable number of headaches as I have only 8
pipelines in this specific project. In other ones I have a lot more.

I have done a bit of testing and I found out that the property is saved
in the dfm file, but when I load it back, it simply isn't there anymore.

I open the project, change it back, save the project and it's there
again. Open it up and it's gone.

The property in the .dfm file I'm looking at is


Working with

Win10 Pro
Delphi XE5 Enterprise
RB v18

Andrew S. Vaz


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    Hi Andrew,

    Are you able to recreate this with a simple new project or is this only
    happening with existing applications?

    If not, perhaps you can simplify your existing project so that I can see
    this behavior and send it to me in .zip format along with the exact
    steps to recreate the problem.

    Send examples in zip format to

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi all,

    Ok, just to put a follow-up here on the group, Nard explained to me my

    One has to put a TppReport on the form, then it'll work as expected.

    As Nard explained to me:

    "The datapipeline name to object reference resolution is initiated by
    the Report.Loaded method. See ppClass.pas, the TppCustomReport.Loaded
    method calls ResolvePipelineReferences. If you add RBuilder\Source to
    the Delphi library path and add some break points you can trace the
    code. The reason for this design is the data pipelines can be either on
    a form or they can be inside the report’s TdaDatamodule (i.e. The RB
    Data workspace, DADE).".

    Without more ado...


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