Tablegrid or CrossTab design?

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New to TableGrid and CrossTab. I have a user grid linked to a query,
where the user can hide columns, sort and filter data. Ideally it would
be good if the user could print this grid that they have customized.

It looks like a report with either a tablegrid on it or a crosstab
would be possible? If i just drop a tablegrid on a report form, i don't
see that it can be data-aware on its own. I can drop DBText fields from
the query onto the grid, but it looks like considerable work to read
through my users customized grid and transfer that into the report? Not
sure that is the best way or feasible?

The crosstab on the other hand is data aware, but appears to be less
flexible for hiding columns etc?

No way to simply link the user grid on a delphi form to the RB grid?
Or at least link the query that formed the grid into the RB grid?

Any examples of something like this?



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    Hi Scott,

    I believe your best option would be to use a (ex. single-row) table grid
    with DBText components in each cell inside the detail band of a
    report/subreport. This way the grid will grow as the report traverses
    the data.

    This type of grid can also be created using lines or shapes.

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    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
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