Copy in Explorer?

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Hi Team,

It hadn't occurred to me before until I was asked by one of my users.

How come we can't copy reports from one Folder to another in Explorer? Technical reason?

Apparently they have resorted to loading the report from one folder and saving it to the other. Not elegant but

A good question I didn't have an answer for..



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    Hi Ian,

    It is possible to move reports to different folders (via drag and drop)
    in the explorer, but copy/paste is not currently supported.

    If you need to make a copy of a report, the best way is to load the
    report and do a "Save As".

    We will consider adding copy/paste support for the explorer for a future
    release. Thanks for the feedback.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Nico Cizik (Digital Metaphors) wrote:

    Thanks Nico
    At the least you have confirmed I haven't missed something..;-)

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