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Hi guys

We use Delphi 7 and Report Builder Pro

We have previously shipped a report template to users with ppImage1,
ppImage2,ppImage3,ppImage4,ppImage5 in place...

We 'squirt' image information to the images at run time in code. Works

In the last few years users may have added their own image to the
template which will have be named ppimage6 .. Works great....

In addition to the 5 images included originally we have now added
support for a further ten images from our product so we now 'squirt'
extra code to populate these images ppimage6,ppImage7,ppImage8,ppImage9
etc, etc..

The problem is that where users have already assigned ppimage6 to their
own logo image...this is now being overwritten with the image that we
have now defined in code...(obviously)...

So, without having to manually add the extra ten images to a clients
template...and then add image 16 and reassign that to the logo image
what can we do?

I can see no way for users to rename the ppImage6 to something else
(except re-naming the UserName which doesnt solve the issue).

We throw ourselves at the mercy of anyone reading this post...

Thanks in advance for any assistance. (I'm sure there is an easy answer
it's such a great product).


Glenn Greatwood
Key-Data Systems


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