Variable Calculations and Resets

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I've got a report I'm doing my own calculations in the OnCalc and
resetting totals in the OnReset events of the variables.

Most of the time the totals come out great. My totals are sometimes too
high when the new group starts at the top of the page but not always.

For troubleshooting I checked the 'start new page' for each group and
the totals come out correctly. Unchecked the totals are sometimes wrong
for the group at the top of the page.

The totals are never wrong on the first page.

Hoping this is enough to point me in the right direction. Seems like
something isn't being reset properly or a row is processed twice when
the page breaks.

Thanks - Delphi 2007 / RB 12.02


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    Further research shows -

    Uncheck 'Keep Together' for all groups the totals are correct.

    Check 'Keep Together' for any group and the totals are wrong.

    Changing this setting shouldn't change the underlying calculations.

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    If you can reproduce this in a demo, send it to and you will get the quickest results.

    Ed Dressel
    Team DM
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