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Forgive my ignorance on this but have not been using it long, not sure what
RAP is with regard to the reply in my last post (adding the result of a
subreport to the main page).

All i have done is on the firstmain page of the report (Main:Customer) is
added a subreport to it (SubReport1:Windowinfo). I have then clicked onto
the SubReport1:Windowinfo tab and added a variable to this in the detail
band (variable1). Then i click onto the calc tab and clicked on that
variable and in the code box at the bottom left added a line like:

Value := Windowinfo['Itemcostprice']

So on my report this would show a value i.e. ?100

What i want to do is on the main page is show what the result of the above
variable is so i can add it to another field.

So what i need to know is what exactly would i have to type in the variable
i add to the main page (variable2) to pick up the value of variable 1 on the
sub report

i.e. in the code section on variable 2 on the main page something like:

Value: = subreport1.variable1

Hope this makes sense, thanks for your time and help



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