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Slow report-loading after using Designer?

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(Seen with both RB 5 prof. and RB 6 Entp.)

How come loading reports (from database) slows down after having used the
Designer on anyone report?
At first it loads in 1 sec. After Designer it uses more than 10 secs!

(Running the app from Delphi or stand-alone)

I use:


Wim Smit


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    Could be that all of the Design Controls are getting created each time you

    As an experiment, try this:

    ppDesigner1.Report := nil;


    ppDesigner1.Report := ppReport1;

    and see if the delay goes away...


    Tom Ollar
    Digital Metaphors Corporation
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    That makes the difference.

    I keep
    ppDesigner.Report = nil

    all the time and just before the user starts the Designer I do

    ppDesigner.Report := myReport;


    Wim Smit

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