Multiple Reports in a Same Time

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Hi All
I face a difficulties to print multiple report in a same time.
My ppReport1 is attached to ppDBPipeline1.
My ppDBPipeline1 is attached to a Query1.
The Query1 is initializing depending upon the selection range of user.
I need depending upon the selection range, for each range
the whole report i.s. Title band, Header band and Detail band should
initialize and print
depending upon the data in Query1.
I have written the following code.

For selection := range1 to range2 do
with query1 do
parambyname('CLIENTID').AsInteger := selection;;
// -- Initializing the report

But the problem is after printing 1st selection range the report stops.
when I close the report then again the report are coming.
I need the whole report i.s. for all selection range should come together
instead of close the Report.
Please give me the right direction for this.

Thank u

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    Sounds like a candidate for subreports. Demo #51-52 use section style
    subreports in order to print different reports together as one. Use
    subreports when you want to print a report, one right after another. You
    could create a master detail relationship. For your situation, create a
    master dataset which will be all of the ClientID's in the range that you
    want to print. Then create a detail dataset which will supply the data for
    each ClientID. Copy and paste your current main report layout to the
    subreport. Connect the subreport to the detail pipeline. Now the subreport
    will print once for every ClientID.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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