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  • I just sent the download information to you. I've tried to send it several times recently, but each time the e-mail was returned. Please let me know if you have any problems. Cheers, Lisa Johnson -- Sales mailto:sales@digital…
  • Sorry that no one was available to take your call. I tested the phone system, and I was able to leave a message. Please call back, or e-mail with any questions. We will be happy to assist you. --
  • Nelson, Thank you for your interest in ReportBuilder 9! We recently changed the upgrade pricing. Therefore, you can upgrade to ReportBuilder 9.0 for $299. Upgrades may be purchased from our website at…
  • Craig, I apologize for the delay. Yes, we are open I received your message and have forwarded it to Technical Support. -- Best regards, Lisa Johnson Digital Metaphors Corporation
  • Bob, Thanks for your order! The download information was e-mailed on 1/19/2005, but I'm sorry that you did not receive it. I have just re-sent the info to the e-mail address on this post. -- Regards, Lisa Johnson Digital Metaphors Corporation
  • This question has been handled via If anyone else has a question regarding an update, please contact with your serial number and registration information. -- Best regards, Lisa Johnson D…
  • Jan, Thank your for your order! The upgrade was process on June 2, 2005. However, the credit card number entered on the order form is invalid. It appears that the last 4 digits of the card were not entered. If you could please either e-mail the …
  • Perry, I apologize for the inconvenience, but your order was never received. Please re-submit the order online and it will be processed ASAP. You can order at Thanks for supporting RB! Regards, Lisa Joh…
    in Sales Comment by lisaford August 2005
  • Glenn, I apologize. The last e-mail correspondence was from May. I sent you a message with upgrade pricing and a link to the secure online order form on May 24, 2006. You might check your spam settings to ensure you can receive e-mail from digit…
  • Alfredo, I see that you already re-submitted the order. Thank you! Please let me know an alternate e-mail address to send the download instructions and invoice to, in case it is rejected. Regards, Lisa Johnson Digital Metaphors
  • Alfredo, I apologize for the inconvenience. I have responded to your e-mails, but they are getting rejected by your mail server. The credit card number was invalid on the order form.. If you could please re-submit the order online at https://www.…
  • Bernhard, Thank you for your interest in ReportBuilder! You can upgrade to RB Enterprise 10.04 from our website at for $399. Please let me know if you need any additional information.
  • Scott, I apologize for the inconvenience! I have not received any e-mails, unfortunately and do not see any in my spam folder. Please tell me where to go to register as a city vendor and I will get your upgraded processed ASAP. You can also tr…
  • Roland, I aplogize for the delay. I have just e-mailed the download information to you again. Please check your e-mail and spam folder and let me know if you still did not receive it. Thank you, Lisa Johnson Digital Metaphors
  • Larry, The download information was sent to you at 8:44 am. Please check your spam folder. This same thing happened the last time.
  • Petter, Thank you for your order! Your order was processed. Please check your spam folders in case it was blocked. If you still did not receive it, please send an email to lisa@.
  • Norman, I apologize. I haven't received any of your messages, unfortunately. You were on the notification list for the 12.02 release. I have just emailed you the download instructions, so please add our domain "" to your saf…
  • Sir Wally, I apologize for the inconvenience. I have never received any emails to or If you could please resend, I will get you taken care of asap.
  • Hans, Thanks for the order! It was processed on 11/28/11. Download instructions and invoice were sent via email to I will go ahead and forward the information again. Please add our domain "" to your s…
  • Louis, I apologize that you are not receiving updates. I was not able to find your registration information in the database. If you could please email your company information and serial number to:, I will be happy …
  • Louis, I apologize if you have not received my email messages. I have just emailed you again. Please configure your email client to allow as a safe sender to prevent the email from being routed to spam/junk.
  • Dan, Orders may be purchased from our secure online order page at Sorry for the inconvenience. -- Best regards, Lisa Johnson Digital Metaphors Corporation