RB 18

User Interface
  • New Default theme uses Delphi VCL styles
    • leverage Delphi's Windows 10 styles
  • New High DPI Monitor support 
    •  UI scales to any screen resolution
  • New GMap Marker Dialog
    • add GMap markers visually from the designer
  • New Preview popup menu   
    • print, zoom, search, etc. from the new menu
  • NewDeploy language modules to custom location
    • TppResourceManager.SetModulePath method
  • New Gmail REST webmail plugin
    • ppRESTGmail.pas
  • New Outlook365 REST webmail plugin
    • pRESTOutlook365.pas
  • New EmailSettings.OAuth2 object property
    • required for REST webmail OAuth2 authorization
  • New EmailSettings.Port property
  • New EmailSettings.Signature property
    • supports signature files and custom signatures
  • EmailSettings.Recipients list now supports delimited lists  
  • Outlook plug-in support for html and rtf email client preview
    •  ppSmtpOutlook.pas
Output Devices
  • Preview, load/save window placement to ini storage
  • Preview, enhanced text scaling accuracy
  • New XLSSettings.ExportFormattedStrings boolean property
  • New PDFSettings.ForceASCIIFonts property
  • PDF, RichText export now supports Unicode with subset fonts
  • FileDevice, enhanced file merge to support empty reports
  • New Viewer.ExportToFile method
  • Outline optimization, when disabled do not create nodes
  • New OnGetFieldValue event to enable value customization
  • New DataPipeline.Cancel method to cancel edit mode
  • New Designer.ShowComponents options for Crosstab, Checkbox, DBCheckbox
  • New Checkbox, 3 state option: AllowGrayed, CheckboxState properties
  • New Checkbox, TextAlignment property
  • New Checkbox, ReprintOnOverflow property
  • NewImage, HyperLink property
  • BarCode, AutoSize + right-aligned = grow to left
  • New 2DBarcode BarcodeUnits property
    •  adds Report unit measurement options
  • New 2DBarcode DataMatrixSettings.Dimensions property for manual width and height
  • New 2dBarcode DataMatrixSettings.EncodeType Manual ASCII option
    • allows manually encoded barcodes such as GS1
  • New RichText, Paragraph.LineSpacing property
  • New RichText, Paragraph.NumberingStyle property
  • New RTF Editor, Linespaceing toolbutton palete (like Wordpad)
  • New RTF Editor, NumberingStyle toolbutton palete (like Wordpad)
  • New Parameter.AutoSearchField property for run-time access
  • New Image, hyperlink support
  • Image, support Bitmap.TransparentColor
  • New Report.Template, OnConvert event for loading old reports
  • Report.Template, uses try..except to cancel DataPipeline edit mode
  • New CrossTab FullGridLines property
  • GMap, enhanced internet connection checking
  • New, GMap.AutoCenter property
    • automatically centers and zooms around 2 or more markers
  • New, GMap.Visible property
  • New Plug-in support to enable security to be added
    • new TdaDataSet.ValidateSQLText method override to add code to prevent Insert, Delete,..
  • New SQLBuilder, SearchCriteria.AddExpression method
  • AddExpression(Expression, Operator, Value)
  • Uses try..except to cancel DataPipeline edit mode
  • New RTTI, Report.PageStyle property
  • New RTTI, Report.DesignerLayers property
  • New RTTI, CustomReport.FindUserObject method
  • New RTTI, Chart.SeriesCount and Chart.Series.Count properties
  • New RAP functions, PadLeft and PadRight
  • New RAP function, StringOfChar
  • New RAP functions, DaysBetween, WeeksBetween, MonthsBetween, YearsBetween

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version
*RB 18 includes support for twelve Delphi versions:
  D10.1 Berlin, D10 Seattle, XE8, XE7, XE6, XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2, XE,
  D2007, D7