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ReportBuilder is designed from the ground up to provide an extensible reporting platform for tackling advanced reporting requirements in all areas: data access, report layout and design, and report output. ReportBuilder includes a complete set of abstract ancestor classes for deriving new components in each of these areas. If you've got a component you would like to share, drop us a line at

Database Products

The Borland Database Engine (BDE) is what Delphi uses to access desktop and client/server databases. However, there are a number of BDE replacement products available. ReportBuilder's DBPipeline can be used with these products or any database that supports Delphi's TDataSource.


The DataPipeline class in ReportBuilder provides an open, extensible architecture for natively accessing data stored in any format.

DADE Plug-ins
ReportBuilder Pro's Data Access Development Environment (DADE) contains QueryWizard and QueryDesigner tools that enable developers and End-Users to create and modify SQL queries. The DADE architecture allows developers to define custom DataView classes for the purpose of using the Query tools with any SQL based TDataSet descendant.

Report Components
The Report Component Library (RCL) is to ReportBuilder what the VCL is to Delphi. The RCL enables developers to derive new report components and install them into the Report Designer's component palette.

Output Devices
The Device class in ReportBuilder provides an open, extensible architecture for translating report page objects into a more useable format.

International Languages
This page provides a list of the languages supported by ReportBuilder and the translator who has completed each translation. A download link is provided for translations which are not currently included in the product. Instructions on how to install these translations are included in the download.