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RBServer printing specific report

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Using the demo rbMSSQLServerReportServer.exe, I want the client to
print/preview a report I know exists in the rb_item table.

When I try this on the client:
rsClientReport1.ServerConnection.Address := '';
rsClientReport1.ServerConnection.Port := 1333;
rsClientReport1.ReportName := 'Processing Label CCH';
rsClientReport1.VolumeName := 'Report Explorer Database';

it fails with the error 'Report not registered'.

Do I have to register EVERY report in rb_item in the server program?

If so, what happens when a new report is designed/added and the server
is already active?



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    The ReportVoume.DirectoryOptions provides configuration options for
    controlling the behavior of volume directory caching on the server.

    Use the EnableCaching property to specify whether the volume caches
    directory information.

    The RefreshInterval property indicates the number of seconds that may elapse
    until the cached copy of the report volume directory expires.

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