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We have several reports used in a backoffice application that we now want to
publish on the web using reportserver and webtier. Our problem is that we
want no user interaction on the web. We want to avoid having several copies
of the same report som my questions is:
Can we turn off all user interaction from within the report? If "yes" in
which reportevent should i do this?
Can we identify whether the report is called from a backoffice application
or from webtier?

Hope you can help me with this.

Best regards,
Terje Syversen


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    You can use the Report.OnInitializeParameters to turn off interaction. Set
    Report.ShowAutoSearchDialog to False to turn off display for autosearch

    To identify whether the report is called from the Web, you could define a
    Report.Parameters[ ] item and set it prior to calling report.Print. Perhaps
    have a BackOffice parameter that defaults to False and set it true when
    calling from your backoffice application.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nard,

    What we realy want is for the report to produce a pdf file and store it on
    disk whithout enything else happening in web mode:
    1) In web mode the report should be called by url parameters (if possible
    state pdf-file path as one of the parameters) and the resulting PDF file
    stored to given location (later picked up by other application), nothing
    else should happen (no preview, no dialog of any kind).
    2) In backoffice mode the report would be called by programatic parameters
    and should show preview with email and print options.

    The reason for this need is that our customers want their "Confirmation
    documents" to be the same both for backoffice and web bookings. We do not
    want to maintain two similar reports as they are quite detailed and time

    We have searched both these news groups and rbWiki without finding a way to
    do exactly what we want.

    I hope it is possible :-)

    Hans Christian Stadtler
    BoMan AS

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