RBServer with two ReportExplorerVolumes

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I have an RBServer (rb v11.04) up and running that connects to a sql
server database using ado, and it works just fine.
it accesses the report templates using a ReportExplorerVolume component.

now (using ONE RBServer) I am trying to serve up reports from two
different ReportExplorerVolumes, each one in a separate sql server database.

my questions:
- in the RBServer, I assume I need to have a separate datamodule for
each ReportExplorerVolume/ADO Connection.
Is this correct? or should they be on the same datamodule?

- is there anything else I need to do in the RBServer to allow it to
work with two ReportExplorerVolumes in seperate databases?

- in the client, how do I specify which ReportExplorerVolume to access
when I pull up the ReportExplorer?
(do I just specify the proper VolumeName in the rsReport.VolumeName
property? or is there more to it than that?)

Mark Drengson


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    A report server can include any number of ReportVolumes. Each ReportVolume
    should have a unique name.

    Each ReportVolume/ADOConnection should reside on a separate datamodule.

    On the client side, the ClientReportExplorer will show all ReportVolumes
    registered with the server. The VolumeName will appear as the root parent

    For an example of a report server that contains several report volumes,
    check out the the main report server demo installed with the product. It is
    comprised of a report server that contains several volumes of different

    Another example is the live report server running on our web site, which
    contains an ArchiveVolume and a ReportExplorerVolume.


    If you want to control user has access to specific report volumes, check out
    the custom parameters demos installed with the product.


    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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