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Duplicate resource

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When I try and compile C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeGear\RAD
Studio\5.0\RBServer\demos\Demos\Clients\01. Client
Explorer\rbClientExplorerForm.dpr I get the following error....

[DCC Error] E2161 Warning: Duplicate resource: Type 24 (user-defined), ID
1; File C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeGear\RAD
Studio\5.0\RBServer\demos\Demos\Clients\01. Client
Explorer\rbClientExplorer.res resource kept; file c:\program files
(x86)\codegear\rad studio\5.0\lib\WindowsXP.res resource discarded.

Upto this point all other demos etc. have compiled OK.

Advice appreciated.

Philip L Jackson


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    In my testing, the demo compiles successfully.

    I can duplicate your error by adding XPMan to the 'uses' clause.

    Open the project main form, rbClientExplorerForm.pas and examine the top of
    the form. You should see some conditional compiler directives like this...


    {$I ppIfDef.pas}

    {$IFDEF Delphi7}
    {$IFNDEF Delphi11}

    You can delete the above, it is not used for D2007 and later. Then check the
    rest of the uses clause for other occurences of XPMan.

    The above directive causes XPMan to be used for D7, D2005, D2006. Starting
    with D2007 CodeGear made a new project option to enable the XP Theming by
    selecting a project option avaialble from the Application tree node of the
    project options dialog.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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