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Invalid Pointer Operation in TrsContentProviderViewer


I am trying to make the TrsWebTier work for me. I can see that the report server is being contacted. I am testing with a report that loads successfully to the ClientReport in a Delphi desktop application.
But when I access the same report by a URL to an application with TrsWebTier in it, I get an exception (in the web application) which seems to originate in TrsContentProviderViewer.GeneratePage + $95.
Looks like it has to do with freeing some Font objects.

I trivialized the report completely, just to test: empty template, no data or anything, but even then it throws the same exception.
Please, advice!

Yuri Makassiouk

:00408035 TObject.FreeInstance + $11
:00a1aa09 TrsWebContentProviderViewer.GeneratePage + $95
:00a1a77b TrsWebContentProviderViewer.GetReportPage + $7F
:00a1a692 TrsWebContentProviderViewer.ProcessRequest + $66
:00a37ff1 TrsWebTier.GenerateContent + $14D
:00a375c6 TrsWebTier.ProcessWebRequest + $8E
:00a3738c TrsWebTier.ProcessWebRequest + $98


  • Additionally, I dug into the cache folder of the webtier application and I found the generated reports there - so it looks like page generation actually works, just has some issues on cleanup.
  • Hi Yuri,

    This is not a known issue. If would like to open a support case, please email support@ and provide

    1. License details: serial number, company name, contact, email

    2. Environment details: Windows version, Delphi version, RB version and edition, database engine, data access components, etc.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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