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Strange alignment issue..

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Hi Team,
Latest RB, D10.2.3.
My Customer reported this to me. :-(
1. Create a Blank report.
2. Add a label in the Header. Doesn't matter about the content.
3. Add a TableGrid in the Detail.
4. Align the left of the grid with the left of the label in the header.
5. No changes to any properties.
6. Preview - Either the Table has shifted right or the Label has shifted left either way, they are well out of alignment now. :-(
This has messed up so many reports. :-(

Thoughts/suggestions please.

Regards & TIA,

P.S. I would add pictures from my PC but there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for that.

Update 1 - If I put a label in the Detail band with the TableGrid and align the left sides, when previewed, the two labels are aligned but the TableGrid has shifted. :-(

Update 2 - If I move the Table Grid to the right, say 1/3rd of the page and preview, it moves to about the 2/3rds point in the band. :-(

Update 3 - I reverted to RB 19.02 and this issues doesn't happen.

Update 4 - Retried RB 19.03 - Issue returned. Will revert to RB 19.02 for my Customers until this is resolved.


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    There is a patch available that addresses this issue. All registered users of ReportBuilder with an active software subscription can email support@digital-metaphors.com to receive this patch.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • HI Nico,
    Patch implemented - Back in business. Thank you.
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