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Align group footer to page bottom with variable print position

Hi Experts,

I am trying to align a group footer to the bottom of a page, but I stumbled upon a problem:

I have a main report with a header and a group header. The group header contains a 'header text' which has a variable length.
For the detail band I use a subreport. I am trying to align the group footer of this subreport (totals) to the bottom of the page. I tried setting the print position of the group footer, by subtracting the height of the header text from it, but Report Builder seems to be unable to determine the height of a stretched object at runtime.
The problem only occurs when the totals are on the same page as the variable header text.

How can I proceed to print the group footer on the bottom of the page, with or without use of the print position?

As there are additional pages added after the totals, in the main reports group footer and summary band, it is difficult to use the main reports summary band for this. The subreports summary band does not allign to the bottom of a page.

Thanks for your reply.
Kind regards,



  • Hi Tom,

    I am a bit unclear about your report design. Do you have a group in the main report and a group inside your subreport? If so, which group footer would you like aligned to the bottom? Do these groups have the NewPage property set to True?

    The group footers are not designed to be aligned to the bottom of a page. I would suggest using either the main report's footer band or page summary band (AlignToBottom := True) to get the effect you are after. You will need to use an event to check if the group has broken to know when to show the information inside these bands however.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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