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Sage 200 - Custom Report - DefaultADOConnection Required


I've created a new report using Report Writer and the data source is link to a custom SQL view. By far the design are all good and the report was able to pull out the data.

When importing to Trans \ Supplier & Purchases \ GRV it shows the below errors:

1 rbReport.OnAssignPreviewFormSettings Invalid property value

2 rbReport.OnPreviewFormClose Invalid property value

3 And when using the report it prompts for DefaultADOConnection login details.

For issue No 3 I tried logging in the SQL sa admin account but no luck.



  • Hi Jonathan,

    Please contact Sage for support. Digital Metaphors receives no distribution royalties from Delphi developers that embed end-user reporting solutions in their applications. It is the responsibility of the software publishers that sold you the product to provide you with support.

    This forum is for Delphi developers with an active ReportBuilder license.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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