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TppDBRichText and TppJITPipeline

I am using a report together with some TppJITPipelines.

For the TppDBText elements, this works fine.
However, there is one TppDBRichText element linked to one existing datafield in one existing datapipeline in the report and this does not fire the GetFieldValue event of the Pipeline.

Is there anything specific, I could have done wrong?
Are there any known limitations in this context?
Any hints or workaround?

Thank you


  • Hi Stefan,

    In a simple test here OnGetFieldValue is called. However note that if you have an event-handler signed to OnGetFieldAsString then that event will fire instead.

    I have a JITPipeline with a field named RichTx of type dtString. The TppDBRichText is connected to the RichTx field and JITPipeline.OnGetFieldValue is called.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nard,
    Encouraged by your comment, I added another TppDBRichText with identical (except from the position) attributes and it works! Sure there must be a difference, but I did not find it.
    Anyhow - problem solved.
    Thank you and a have nice remaining weekend.
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