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Time filter in End User reports


I am using a filter that is linked to a datetime field in my database.
After installing the latest version, the filter field (which shows up when user is trying to run the report) always shows "nn" in the minute sub-field of the time field (like 10:nn:00 for 10h)

I think I can't upload an image of this screen (I will email it in your support email) in this discussion forum in order to show it up.


  • Hi Marcos,

    I researched this and created a patch for RB 21.02. (I emailed you the patch. )

    Emb modified Delphi 11 ShorttimeFormat/LongTimeFormat to return ’nn’ for minutes rather than ‘mm’ it has always returned. The Time picker is a Windows control, Windows uses ‘mm’. (I think Emb didi this because Delphi format uses ’nn’. )

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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