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How to set a different password for each PDF file

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Each employee have his password. I would like to set a unique password
per PDF file.

In the OnGetFileSuffixe, I set the SuffixeValue and it work fine. And I
set the UserPassword too and it work fine, but it doesn't work properly
only for the first generated file.

I tried to put de UserPassword initialization in the OnFileDeviceCreate
but the pipelines are not opened.

Do you have a solution ?

procedure Croup1OnGetFileSuffix(var SuffixValue: String);
lPDFDevice: TppPDFDevice;
lPDFDevice := TppPDFDevice(Report.FileDevice);
lPDFDevice.PDFSettings.EncryptSettings.UserPassword :=

SuffixValue := Employee['Number'];

Thank you !



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    Hi Philippe,

    This is a timing issue for the first group. When the first
    OnGetFileSuffix event fires, the report has already begun generating to
    PDF and therefore it is not possible to alter its settings at that time.

    As you have guessed, the initial PDF settings need to be set before the
    report begins generating. You can try using the AfterOpenDataPipelines
    event to get the initial password value before report begins generating
    however this may still be too late. If so, you will need to open the
    pipeline manually and gather the data needed in an earlier event or in
    Delphi before calling Report.Print.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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