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How to set timing of Summary Calc Variable run only once at end of report?

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How do I set the timing of a Summary Calc variable to run only once at
the end of the report?

I tried to set it to calculate on ReportEnd, but that seems to fire
after the variable is already printed in the band so all I see is zero.

I want to set the variable based upon calculations of other calc
variables in the detail band, but I don't want it to fire every time
the detail band is traversed because it greatly slows down the report.



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    Hi David,

    Idealy you will update the value of the variable in the summary band
    inside the OnCalc of another variable.

    Likewise if you need to use the final value of a variable such as a sum,
    you could use an event that fires after it has been calculated such as
    the Summary.BeforePrint to update the value of the variable at the end
    of the report.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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