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Hello all,

Delphi 2010; RB 12.02 Build 279

I am trying to get all plain text RAP code from a given report,
including the RAP code in subreports within the given report. I am
doing this to create a plain text "catalog" of my 600+ reports so that
when a field name or other significant item (such as a RAP pass-through
function) changes, I can search for all reports containing the item in
question. I have used the following article to get mostly there
but this only seems to load the RAP code segments/programs from the main
report, disregarding those in any subreports contained within the main.
I am basically just saving the ascii version of the report template with
all RAP code segments appended to the end in a "template_search" field I
have created in the RB_Item table. This works except for the missing
subreport code...

Branden Johnson
Integrity Software Design


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