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Evolution of RAP : force exit from event

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Does will be implemented an instruction like delphi "exit" in the
future ?

My trouble is that after optimization of a customer RAP code, i shrink
an event from 1000 code rows to 500 code rows about, but the total time
to execute the generation of the report is reduced only by 2 seconds in
a total of 20.. (of course, deleting the event, the report generation
is immediate, my bottleneck is the customer business logic..)

Bypassing specific code implementation (tens of if..else if, nested if)
I think that with an exit instruction tens of fails test will be
avoided forcing exit from the event.

I also tried with goto instruction (bbrrrr!!) but it isn't implemented.

Is there any alternative and surrogate solution like the delphi exit

(I'm using D7 ent with RB 9.03 ent.)



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    I will add your request for an Exit command to our requested features list.

    A better solution to your issue is to keep the RAP event-handler code short
    and optimize RAP by creating custom pass-thru functions. The pass-thru
    functions you write in native Delphi code and then register to be called
    from RAP code. The Developers Guide includes tutorials and the RAP demos
    includes examples as well. Here is link to an article on rbWiki


    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Nard Moseley (Digital Metaphors) ha usato la sua tastiera per scrivere

    I think that using pass-thru functions should be the best approach to
    solve these spcific kind of issues. In my case, adding a pass-thru
    function would be the next step as it causes a further release of the

    Thank for added to whish list the exit function.


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