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Line 0: Unexpected end of source error

edited June 2008 in RAP
I am sure that I am just missing something here, but not sure what. So
hopefully another set of eyes will see what I am not.
Here is some code that I wrote for an AfterGenerate event on a footer
procedure GroupFooterBand2AfterGenerate;
if DBCalc1.Value<=qry_backorder['QTY_AVAIL']
then begin
Shape4.Visible := True;
Shape3.Visible := False;
end else begin
Shape4.Visible := False;
Shape3.Visible := True;

When I try to compile it I get an error
Line 0: Unexpected end of source

Any idea? I don't do a lot of coding like this, only on occassion, so real
possible I am screwing something up or just plain missing something.
Thanks in advance.


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