Gnostice PTF issues

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We have purchased Gnostice eDocEngine VCL in place of TExtraDevices (Waler),
due to no Delphi 2009 support.

I have a couple of issues wanted to ask if other people experiencedt as well
or have some solutions.

1. When use ppRichText component on the report, it inserts spaces in the
middle of the words, when outputs to excel, rtf, html, graphic, etc.

Gnostice did fix this issue on PFD files, but not on the others, and as
everyone knows Excel is the big one and still broken. I got a nice response
from them:"We would like to mention that we have noted down your feedback
and will take up this in one of our future releases".

2. Output to HTML on reports longer then 30-37 pages, it prints garbage,
while shorter reports are fine.

While I was very impressed with Gnostice support in the beginning, response
used to come in 1-2 days, it is getting to be 1-2 weeks.




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    As I know they are changing the quality management in these days. And like
    all changes also this needs some resources and therefore a little bit time
    in the beginning. I am sure they are willing to do a good job also in the
    Try to reissue your request. But it is also right they are heavily working
    on a next major release of eDocEngine which should be out in one of the next
    I know this not helps you very much in your actual situation, but sometime
    all needs more tolerance and time.
    And in fact we are also waiting on fixing of some bugs, but like I told at
    the beginning they are in the moment a little bit overloaded. I have also
    the feeling because they had openend an excel sheet with all their actions,
    so all people can see "we are working".

    But on the other side, perhaps this not the very best place for your
    request, because RB cannot change the Gnostice code.

    But any way, I hope you will get the fix very fast.

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