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We have used TExtraDevices to export our reports to Excel, however, as we
have long since moved to D2009 and still to date this component has not been
upgraded we are looking for any alternative that will allow us to export to

1. We tried Gnostice, locks up or creates Excel documents that are
2. PsRBExportDevices - creates Excel documents with errors, even their
demo's only export part of the reports you are viewing.
3. TExtraDevices - No updates since 3/2009 and still doesnt work with D2009.

Does anyone have a viable alternative that allows export to Excel? It needs
to be working today as I have a large project depending on it.



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    Hi Tony,

    I'm sorry you are having these issues.

    My first suggestion would be to give Gnostice another try. Their product is
    very advanced and their support is very responsive. Their support team
    should be able to track down the problem and get you on the right track very

    As a final option, you can try exporting to a comma delimited (csv) file.
    Although the TextFileDevice does not officially support the csv format, we
    generally followed the rules when writing it and it is possible to create
    such a file using that device. Excel then has the ability to import and
    open these files.


    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Tony

    My name is Abel and I face the same problem.

    I use TExtraDevices until Delphi 2009.

    I bought RbExportDevices, but I'm very, very disapointed.
    file erros, missing rows, lines flying, etc.
    I didn't like the support, more than one week to answer,
    and the issues I faced are not mentioned on their web site.

    Some times I use Infopower to export the files but it does not solve for
    more complex reports where some calculations are made on the report.

    If I find a solution I put a message here.


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