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Edit problem of WPtoolsRTF in designer

edited May 2005 in Component Writing

I was using RB 7.03, Wptools 4.21 and WPToolsRBpack (for printing
wptools rtf objects) with delphi7. I was able to 'edit' the text of
wptoolsRtf object in the rb designer with the left click(there was an
edit item). I upgraded to RB 9.02 (and upgraded WptoolsRBpack that has
rb 9 support). Now there is no 'edit' item in the left click on this
wptoolsrtf object. I asked for support at wptools but they couldn't come
up with an answer. I have the source code of wptoolsrbpack.
Is there something that can be done?

Bora Aydemir
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