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teechart 7

edited July 2004 in Component Writing

i try to install the reportbuilder teechart 7.0 components, I get the
following error:
Delphi 7: delphi32.exe - Entrypoint niet gevonden
Kan entrypoint van procedure @System@@Expired$qqrv niet vinden in
DLL-bestand rtl70.bpl.
what am i doing wrong? i'm using ReportBuilder Enterprise version 7.04 and
teechart 7

thanks in advance



  • edited July 2004

    An invalid entry point error, indicates package incompatibility.

    Try re-installing ReportBuilder 7.04 after installing TeeChart 7 so that the
    installation can detect which version of TeeChart you are using. The other
    alternative is to manually install the RB TeeChart packages.

    Access the RBuilder.hlp, select the Table of Contents, and then select
    ReportBuilder Reference | TeeChart | Delphi 7.


    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • edited July 2004
    Hi Nard,

    Thanks for the tip. It gave me the right direction.

    I already recompiled the package an copied the file, that did not solve the
    problem. I found som tee* files in my windows\system directory instead of
    windows\system32, deleted them and reinstalled reportbuilder. And the
    problem did not occur.


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