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Dynamic loading of subreports

edited December 2003 in Component Writing

I've seen the demo EndUser\5. Dynamic Subreport Loading and I'm quite
interested by this feature.

However, what if the loaded subreport got its own dataview ? Will that
one be added to the main report? If not, how can I do that ?

My idea is to have several reports in the database showing diffrent
type of information and one report with a TOC to print all my reports
in one go (each reports being included as a subreport on the main



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  • edited December 2003
    Hi Pascal,

    When loading subreports dynamically, you need to load them before
    Report.Print is called to get the dataviews to merge with the main report's
    dataviews. When loading the reports during report generation such as in the
    example you are looking at, the dataviews will not be added in. Sorry, this
    is a limitation of ReportBuilder.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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